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This is what we yearn for. We want light on darkness; we want hope for America. Pick up The Epoch Times and you’re gonna get that.

Steven Rogers, Advisory Board, Donald J Trump for President 2020

The truth will always prevail.

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I am a retired, corporate executive who has had a Wall Street Journal subscription. Recently, I heard about The Epoch Times trial subscription, which I signed up for. I found the articles to be most compelling and of great interest. Epoch had articles that would never have been in the WSJ. I also like their Opinion page as it is much more conservative and Constitutional vs. the WSJ. They even cover a great many stories on China, i.e., trade, political climate, etc. that I found quite informative. Again…not to be seen in any other paper. My only complaint, and it’s not really a complaint, is that Epoch Times is not available on a daily basis where I live. If it were, I would subscribe to it. I would suggest to anyone who is interested in great content and opinions to give it a try. Excellent, excellent, excellent.

Gerry Grabinski

I heard about the Epoch Times from a conservative site stating it’s the only newspaper that President Trump reads… to that bold statement, I had to investigate. The Epoch Times in the news portion seems to give a plain account of the news and it seems un-opinionated. You do have an Opinions section and it’s a fairly conservative point of view, and I agree with those points. I do like the fact that it allows and reports on things that most Americans can’t find out readily, like the oppression of dissidents and ordinary people in China due to the communist system there. I truly believe that everyone has a right to his own beliefs and that no government or person should deny someone of that. That is the true meaning of Liberty and Freedom. The oppressed people in China have a voice because of what you are doing and I will pass the word and leave copies of The Epoch Times where it can be found by others. Socialism and communism cannot spread when there is TRUTH! In that sense President Trump is RIGHT, FAKE NEWS has to be exposed! Communism and socialism cannot flourish in the light of TRUTH! Keep doing what you are doing Exposing the Lies of the Evil communist and socialist! Thank you for the space to say this.

Delio Carmona

The EPOCH TIMES is an inspiration for me. Your news reporting on such important and relative matters especially concerning our national matters and international matters pertinent to America. I have shared and discussed your news at church, with neighbors, family and friends here in Saratoga, CA as well as in Houston Texas. Sincerely appreciate relevant, credible and timely news, which you do so well. Thank you and God bless you. KEEP ON!!! PLEASE.

Vito A. Dimucci

The Epoch Times has filled an intellectual hole in me that I’ve been unable to find in virtually every other news media (with the possible exception of Fox News), but particularly here in California. As a life-long conservative, I’m greatly outnumbered by liberals, and find it difficult to find truly unbiased coverage of anything… but especially politics and current events. To hear my voice heard — and my opinions reflected — by a news publication is a long-overdue dream come true. I find your reporting literate, stimulating, and often enlightening. I’ll be a subscriber to The Epoch News for as long as you publish! 

Cindy McBride

A trial issue was sent to me in the mail encouraging me to read and subscribe if I appreciated and agreed with the content. I did, and paid for a six-month subscription. It is about time to renew. I respect the straightforward way you present truthful facts. Your opinion section is well thought out and informative. I have become a fan of all your contributors and encourage you to continue fighting the battle for truth. I prefer the printed version but understand it is more expensive. Once read, I give it to another acquaintance or friend and encourage them to subscribe. Thank you for journalistic excellence!

Marc Richardson

An exploratory cardiac catheterization procedure was just completed at Torrance Memorial Hospital. I am being moved into the recovery area. My heart doctor makes his way to the waiting area to deliver his findings. My wife of 60 years, surrounded by our daughter and two sons are waiting for the heart study results…  

The Epoch Times, March 29-April 4 edition, had an article in the Fitness section called “Surgery Near End of Life is Common, Costly,” by Liz Szabo, a writer for Kaiser Health News. In the article, one paragraph stood out, “The momentum of hospital care can make people feel as if they’re on a moving train and can’t jump off. The rush of medical decisions doesn’t allow time to deliberate or consider the patient’s overall health or what their goals and values might be.” At 85 years old, this well-written, informative article was exactly the information my wife and I needed to bolster our agreed position. Our appointment was April 3, with a medical director of cardiothoracic surgery, to find out about open heart surgery… 

We are most grateful for the timely article in The Epoch Times that helped us ask questions that ultimately led to a much less invasive surgery and very little recovery time. Thank you, Epoch Times and Liz Szabo. 

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Lundquist

I spoke to one of your representatives in New York because I wanted to renew my subscription for a year instead of the original three months. You are like a life preserver out in the middle of an ocean of “swamp.” Keep publishing!!! 

Patricia Militano