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3.  Communist ideology creates social turmoil, hatred, division, frustration, violence, and it breaks down society’s moral foundation. These ideas have found their way into the government, schools, and other key institutions in the United States.

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Only been a subscriber three weeks but look forward to each new e-paper and print paper. Have told friends about Epoch Times. 


You guys are ROCKIN’ and please keep it up. SO IMPORTANT. We share our copies, too, with others who aren’t familiar. 

Nova Montgomery

With all the censorship on the internet, I felt that I needed another source of new that was reliable. First exposure sold me and I have had no regrets. Last three issues have been read front to back. Loved the three-page diagram of the Russia Collusion/Spygate. Actually, spread is out on living room floor to share with my Daughter and Granddaughter. Thank you so much!! Americans need to know the truth.

Linda LeChette King

I read the e-paper EVERYDAY and save the weekly paper until the weekend. I share the paper with my best friend and mention Epoch to others when discussing news issues.

Gary Moore

Keep up the good work. I am so happy to read news that lets me make my own decisions about what is going on. I am also glad to get a clear perspective on China and what is happening there and its effect on us. I also share my paper with others of like mind.

Julie Medrano

I read a lot…and I can’t believe I have only recently learned of your paper…of course I do live in one of the most liberal states (CA) in the Union. I tell all my conservative friends about you…I save all issues and share them . I wait for the mail on Monday …am bummed if it’s not there. Believe me …I am telling EVERYONE who will listen about your publication…
Thanks for your pursuit of the truth and outstanding journalism. You have restored my faith in both…please keep up the good work!

Carol Bellero

I’m a Conservative Activist, with 300,000 followers, and Epoch gives me news to share.

Joe Sanchez

I have been searching for investigative reporting — thorough & honest. Epoch Times is exactly what I have been hoping for. I share every copy with family and friends.

Sandra Sause

You tell the news! Other sources comment on the news assuming people already know it, not giving many or any facts. You tell the facts. I’m so grateful. 


The difference is clear, more facts in one e-paper or paper copy then I’ve ever scene in any (post, NYT or local paper) newspaper. 

Frederick Almy